April 2020 MTNA e-Journal

Beethoven at 250: A Celebration of His Pedagogical Legacy
By Andrew Cooperstock, NCTM

In celebration of what would have been Beethoven’s 250th birthday, Andrew Cooperstock examines the preeminent musical figure’s distinct significance as a teacher. A prodigy raised on J. S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier and who learned from the likes of contemporaries Haydn, Mozart and Clementi, Beethoven personally guided a number of prominent pupils, most notably Carl Czerny, who continued a pedagogical lineage that leads ultimately and directly to most piano students of today. Cooperstock explores Beethoven’s background and influences and the subsequent impact of his teaching and composition. [Read More]

What Would Schubert Do? Triplet Assimilation in the Works of Franz Schubert
By Heather Arden

This article analyzes the ongoing debate about a rhythmic problem in Schubert’s music—the notation of a triplet against a dotted figure. The difficult question of “triplet assimilation” rests on three issues: the concept of flexible notation in Schubert’s period and earlier, the relevance of Schubert’s life and the history of his publications, and the relationship of the musician to the musical score. [Read More]

Poster Sessions

Mindfulness Strategies for Music Teachers
By Claudio Espejo, Forrest Howell, Ceren Su Sahin and Hillary Santoso [View]

Forming the Habit: A Case Study of Effective Practice in Group Piano I
By Maria Viera, Sarah Jenkins and Mary Grace Ellerbee [View]