February 2018 MTNA e-Journal

The Best Of The British: Selected Educational Piano Works By Alec Rowley
By Adrienne Wiley, NCTM

Alec Rowley (1892–1958), British composer and pianist, was well known during his lifetime for his contributions to the piano teaching literature. Rowley’s piano pieces appeal not only to students and teachers, but also the educated musician and general audience as well. Of all of his pieces, three collections stand as a testimony of Rowley’s dedication to writing for the students: the Five Miniature Preludes and Fugues, Etudes in Tonality, Op. 44, and Polyrhythms, Op. 50. It is these three collections that bear discussion and deserve a regular space on the piano teacher’s bookshelf and in their teaching curriculum. [Read More]


Classical Guitarists And Posture: What Should We Teach?
By Bráulio Bosi

Numbers show that guitarists are at constant risk of back pain and injuries. Most of the risk originates from poor sitting posture. This article explores the literature available on the issues of traditional classical guitar sitting position and shows that the footstool, while widely used is not ideal, and that ignored aspects such as chair and placement of the music stand play a big role in achieving a neutral sitting position. Based on the evidence available, the article presents solutions that address common postural deficiencies in classical guitarists. [Read More]