November 2012 MTNA e-Journal

Reports From The 2012 Group Piano
and Piano Pedagogy Forum

The Mariposa Elementary School Group Piano Teaching Project: A Journey Of Success

Presenter: Phyllis Chiles
Reported by Catharine Lysinger

Rubrics: The Universal Grade-Leveling Device
Presenter: Zachary Lopes
Reported by Aaron Mathews

Apps That Engage
Presenter: George F. Litterst
Reported by Margaret Perry

Self-Publishing: The New Frontier
Presenter: Michelle Conda
Reported by Tom White

What Can Cloud Computing And Storage Do For You?
Presenter: Courtney Crappell, NCTM
Reported by Michael Seregow

Group Teaching Thoughts
Reported by Terry Lynn Hudson

Maximize Your Teaching Time With Cooperative Learning
Presenter: Judie Meulink
Reported by Carol Gingerich

Meta-Skills In The Group Piano Class
Presenter: Kathryn Koscho Sherman, NCTM
Reported by Sarah Evans Moore

Why Johnny Can’t Read: Improving Music Literacy In Group Piano
Presenter: Diane Helfers Petrella
Reported by Michelle Wachter

Fusion: Amalgamation Of Technology And Music In Class Piano
Presenter: Ka Man “Melody” Ng
Reported by Eunjung Choi

Coaching Thinking: Strategies For Developing Reflective Teachers
And Students
Presenters: Linda Berger and Catherine Schmidt
Reported by Mary Tollefson, NCTM

Two Certification Paradigms
Presenters: Andrea McAlister, NCTM, and Stephen Pierce
Reported by Cheryl Pachak-Brooks, NCTM

Pedagogy Thoughts
Discussion Group 1: Reported by Janice ChenJu Chiang
Discussion Group 2: Reported by Bryan Powell
Discussion Group 3: Reported by Candace Hawkins
Discussion Group 4: Reported by Lim Angela Tchoi

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