November 2016 MTNA e-Journal

Reports From The 2016 Group Piano
and Piano Pedagogy Forum

Creativity At The Core: Inspiration And Meaning For Music
Presenter: Christopher Azzara
Reported by Claudia Bossard

Teaching Improvisation: Where To Begin?
Presenter: Christopher Azzara
Reported by Jennifer Howell

Poster Sessions
Reported by Zachary Lopes

Making Connections: Piano Repertoire And Improvisation
Presenter: Christopher Azzara
Reported by Christopher Madden

Lightning Talks
Reported by Ivan Hurd

From Doing To Using: Applications Of Dalcroze Eurhythmics To The Keyboard Classroom And Piano Studio
Presenter: Mary Dobrea-Grindahl
Reported by Soohyun Yun, NCTM

Possibilities, Opportunities And Entrepreneurship: Taking Creativity Beyond The Studio
Presenter: Jeffrey Nytch
Reported by Carol Gingerich

Online Class Piano: Challenges And Opprtunities
Presenter: Alejandro Cremaschi, NCTM
Reported by Joanna Kim, NCTM

Teaching Repertoire For Successful Performance In Group Piano
Presenter: Barbara Fast, NCTM
Reported by Sophie Wang

iPads In The Group Piano Classroom
Presenters: Jennifer Howell and Andrea McAlister, NCTM
Reported by Lynn Worchester

Practical Piano Training For Music Majors
Presenter: Margaret Young, NCTM
Reported by Meily Mendez

Essentials For Beginning Teachers
Presenter: Jeanine Jacobson, NCTM
Reported by Andy Villemez

The Entrepreneurial Teacher
Presenter: Jeffrey Nytch
Reported by Adam Mayon

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