November 2020 MTNA e-Journal

Reports From The 2020 Group Piano
and Piano Pedagogy Forum

Thinking Inside The Box
Presenter: Drew Boyd
Reported by: Andy Villemez

Untangled: Guiding Adolescents Into Adulthood
Presenter: Lisa Damour
Reported by: Vanessa Cornett, NCTM

Accommodating Disabilities in College Group Piano
Presenter: David Cartledge, NCTM
Reported by: Ivan Hurd

Utilizing Singing and Solfège in the Group Piano Classroom
Presenter: Barbara Fast, NCTM
Reported by: Yeon-Kyung Kim

Perk Up Your Ears
Presenter: Chan Kiat Lim, NCTM
Reported by: Curtis Pavey

Group Teaching and Group Learning from the Perspective of International Students
Presenter: Kenneth Williams, NCTM
Reported by: Diana Dumlavwalla, NCTM

Lightning Talks
Reported by: Christie Sowby, NCTM

Poster Sessions

Accomplishing Arpeggio Accompaniments: Suggested Repertoire for Lyrical Playing, Levels 110
Presenter: Michaela Boros

Method or Madness?: Rediscovering the Virgil Practice Clavier
Presenter: Evelyn Dias

Sing, Dance, Play: Applying Orff-Schulwerk Pedagogy in the Group Piano Classroom
Presenter: John Patrick Murphy, NCTM

The Effect of a Paired Warm-Up Activity on Student’s Interaction During the Paired Practice of Scales in Class Piano
Presenter: Ricardo Pozenatto

Micro Peer Teaching Demonstrations in University Group Curricula: A Practical Component to Explore
Presenter: Sungsook Kim Yi

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