November 2022 MTNA e-Journal

Reports From The 2022 Group Piano
and Piano Pedagogy Forum

Tokyo Olympic Mental Skills for Pianists and Teachers, Part I
Presenter: Dr. Cody Commander
Reported by: Dr. J.P. Murphy, NCTM

Tokyo Olympic Mental Skills for Pianists and Teachers, Part II
Presenter: Dr. Cody Commander
Reported by: Katie Ostrosky

Reaching Out, Giving Back: Creating a Just Community
Presenter: Dr. Oscar Macchioni
Reported by: Dr. Jenna Klein

How has Group Piano Changed in the Last Decade?
Presenters: Dr. Erin Bennett, NCTM; Dr. Barbara Fast, NCTM; Dr. Chan Kiat Lim, NCTM; Dr. Thomas Swenson, NCTM
Reported by: Dr. Tyler Ramos

Demystifying Hip-Hop
Presenter: Dr. Jenny Cruz; Brian Jump
Reported by: Bob Conda

Demystifying K-Pop
Presenter: Helena Hyesoo Kim
Reported by: Dr. Giuliano Graniti

Demystifying Pop
Presenter: Dr. Michelle Conda, NCTM
Reported by: Stephanie Archer

Lightning Talks and Performances
Reported by Dr. Hannah Roberts, NCTM

The “Keys” of D&I: The Melodies of Unity
Presenter: Dr. Ivy Banks
Reported by: Dr. Michael Clark, NCTM

Navigating New Territory: Experiences in American Education
Presenter: Dr. Carina Joly, Zi Liang, Dr. Eleni Persefoni Stavrianou
Reported by: Wenxin Guan

Let’s Talk: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: DEI Discussions
Presenter: Dr. Brianna Matzke, NCTM
Reported by: Harrison Scheckler, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

The “Unpiano” Lab
Presenters: Dr. Giuliano Graniti; Dr. Andy Villemez
Reported by: Emily Barr

Diverse and Inclusive Folk Music for Teaching Harmonization Skills
Presenter: Dr. J.P. Murphy, NCTM
Reported by: Dr. Meily Mendez

Creative Group Piano Activities to Reinforce Repertoire
Presenter: Dr. Jenna Klein
Reported by Dr. Curtis Pavey

Lightning Talks and Performances
Reported by Dr. Hayden Coie

Poster Sessions

Exploring the 20th-Century Chinese Piano Music
Presenter: Dr. Yangmingting Fang

Four-Hand Piano Music from Latin America for Intermediate and Advanced Students
Presenters: Dr. Po Sim Head, NCTM; Shuning Li

Music: Healing for the Brain
Presenter: Dr. Marjorie Lucas

New Sounds in Chinese Piano Music: An Exciting Direction in Multi-Culturalism
Presenters: Yi Chang; Ling Wei

Current Research

Adele Aus Der Ohe: Pioneering Through Recital Programming at Carnegie Hall, 1895
By Dr. Grace Shepard

Humor and Irony in Beethoven's Variations for Piano, 1791–1802
By Dr. Peng Du Krol

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