November 2023 MTNA e-Journal

A Collaborative Research Project through the Lens of African American Art Song: Composers of Color through Access to Education and Performance By Emery Stephens, Laura Boehm, Belkys Arbizu, Emma Dougherty and Grace Lofstrom
By Emery Stephens, Laura Boehm, Belkys Arbizu, Emma Dougherty and Grace Lofstrom

This research study examines how attitudes toward performing music by composers of color have (or have not) changed over time. The au-thors analyzed the trends in survey results from music instructors and students in 2021 regarding works by composers of color and compare them to a survey conducted in 2006, which primarily focused on Afri-can American art songs and spirituals. Results indicate that most people believe individuals of all races and ethnicities can appropriately perform music by composers of color if they approach it with respect, passion and humility. The authors summarize current attitudes toward best practices and provide resources for students and teachers. [View]

Walking the Talk: How Elvina Truman Pearce’s Performance Career Influenced Her Pedagogy
By Todd Van Kekerix

Elvina Truman Pearce (1931–2022) was a leading piano pedagogue in the 20th and 21st centuries. This document presents perspectives on her wide-ranging work as a pianist, teacher, composer and writer. Throughout her more than six-decade long career, Pearce continually elevated her teaching—and that of others—by her contributions to the field of piano pedagogy. Through her work as a piano pedagogy professional at The New School for Music Study in Princeton, New Jersey; North Central College in Naperville, Illinois; and Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, Pearce influenced generations of piano students. As a prolific editor and composer, she reached countless teachers and piano students around the world. [View]

Poster Sessions

Piano Teacher Confidence, Success and Preparation in Teaching Students with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
By Katie Ostrosky, NCTM [View]

Potential Challenges for International Music Students in the USA
By Kimia Peykarzadeh [View]

Current Research

An Examination of Collegiate Piano Majors’ Experiences Learning, Beliefs About and Confidence in Selecting and Teaching Literature by Diverse Composers
By Jenna Klein, NCTM [View]

Post-Pandemic Reflections on Collegiate Group Piano Teaching and Learning: A Pilot Study
By Ting Ting Goh, NCTM [View]