September 2012 MTNA e-Journal

This issue contains summaries of the presentations given at the MTNA-CFMTA Wellness Symposium that was held in June 2012.

Performance Anxiety And Human Development Through The Life Cycle
By Julie Jaffee Nagel
You are talented, well-prepared, smart and love music. You walk on stage, bow to the audience, and begin to play. Suddenly your mind freezes up and your technique falters. A surge of panic rises. You feel embarrassed, angry, and confused about why this is happening because it went perfectly in the practice room. In this article, Julie Jaffee Nagel addresses the mysteries and issues of how to understand and cope with stage fright. [Read More]

Looking Inside The Art Of Piano Performance
By Kathleen Riley
We’ve all learned different techniques through our lives—no one technique is perfect. When we look inside the performer through physiologic monitoring and biofeedback we have a tool to look deeper into issues and see what works best for each individual. Kathleen Riley explores what we cannot see with the naked eye. [Read More]

Nurturing The Whole Musician: Mindfulness, Wellness, And The Mind-Body Connection
By Vanessa Cornett-Murtada, NCTM
New discoveries in neuroscience and psychology have made the 21st century an exciting time to be teaching music. Cornett-Murtada combines fascinating new research on the brain with practical applications for private and group music teachers. Explore the mind-body connection as it applies to good mental health for musicians, performance anxiety management and the ability to perform “in the zone” onstage. [Read More]

Empowering The Whole Musician: Mind And Body For A More Musical Tomorrow
By Linda Cockey, NCTM
Cockey offers suggested musician wellness resources, which primarily deal with the topics featured in the 2012 Wellness symposium: stage fright, biofeedback and the mind-body connection for musicians. [Read More]