September 2019 MTNA e-Journal

Playing-Related Pain and Associated Factors at a Major
By Paola Savvidou, NCTM, and Jeremy Stanek, MD

This article presents a study of pain experienced among music students and faculty at a large university in the Midwest. Through this study, the authors aimed to better understand musicians’ practice habits, pain location and frequency, and treatment sought. An alarmingly high number of participants (80%) reported playing-related pain, suggesting the need for more robust injury prevention education and recovery support. [Read More]

Perceptions of Student Teaching in a Piano Pedagogy Practicum: Impressions of Student Teachers and Their Students’ Perspectives
By Yuan Jiang

This study was designed to investigate the reflections of both student teachers (STs) and their students in a piano pedagogy practicum. Both STs and their students completed the questionnaires twice within a one-month interval. In addition, STs were invited to participate in a short interview to provide more in-depth responses to the study’s questions. Results showed that STs have improved their practical teaching skills over time. Additionally, results indicated that ST and their students’ perspectives are significantly different regarding the teachers’ level of preparation, students’ comprehension of the instructions and the overall evaluation of the lesson. [Read More]

Poster Sessions

Effect of Aural Model & Tempo Control in Technology-Assisted Practice: A Student of Collegiate Group Piano Students
By Rachel Hahn, NCTM

The Sensory-Friendly Music Teacher: Creating a Welcoming Environment for All Students
By Elizabeth Leger and Sarah Rushing